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  • Acupuncture
    Acupuncture is an ancient therapy for restoring balance to the body's energy system.
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    Transformative Coaching and Counselling will help to fully resolving the issues. It is very easy to resolve an issue if it is fully perceived and understood!
    'T' Coaching
  • FMclinic
    FM Clinic is a leading provider of private acupuncture services in Kent. Holistic approach involves Acupuncture, Transformative Coaching, Energy Medicine, Dietary and Lifestyle advice, etc.

How does Acupuncture Work? – See our testimonials to find out more

"I will start by saying I am absolutely grateful to Dr Marangoz. I was diagnosed with Sciatica which caused me excruciating pain in my left leg. I wasn't able to walk for a week sleep because of the pain. Dr Marangoz treated me with Accupuncture & a heat lamp. I have had 4 sessions. I was able to walk after the first session & I have felt a massive improvement since then. He is a fantastic, polite Doctor whom I would reccomend to anyone. Thank you once again Dr Marangoz!"

Posted By: Helen H.


"I saw Dr M for ongoing pain in my right foot. The pain was limiting my daily activities. After 3 sessions the pain in my foot was reduced incredibly. Great treatment. Fantastic doctor. He is 5 stars."

Posted By: Frank B.
Boxley, Medway
"Dear Dr Marangoz, Thank you for the three sessions of acupuncture on my left knee. I had the pain for over a year. The painkillers did not touch it and on a scale of 1 to 10 the pain for me was 10, other than the odd twinge my knee seems absolutely perfect now."

Posted By: Terence K.
I found the Doctor very polite & helpful; he explained the acupuncture process thoroughly. I was a person who did not like needles & avoided at all costs, my confidence is now restored. The treatment has reduced the pain & uncomfortableness in my Achilles tendon from a severe 10 down to a niggling 3 in only 3 sessions. Prior to the treatment I had a job to walk but now I can enjoy a relatively normal active lifestyle & I am planning to resume my exercising.

Posted By: Ian C.
Walderslade Village, Medway.
My problem began early in 2010 whilst training for the London Marathon. I developed an inflamed big toe joint on my right foot which became very painful and started affecting my walking. After being initially disappointed by a Doctor's advice (I had the early stages of Degenerative Arthiritis and there was nothing that could be done about it) I sought private help through a podiatrist who recommended special orthotics which were going to cost hundreds of pounds.

I made another appointment to see my G.P. and ended up seeing Dr Marangoz who immediately spent a long time analysing my situation and he suggested a course of acupuncture. I thought why not and he administered it there and then! It was relatively painless and the results were almost immediate. Prior to the treatment the pain was so uncomfortable - a continual aching and discomfort which would affect my stride length which in turn gave me muscular aches. On a pain scale it was 7/10. After the treatment the inflammation reduced and I was able to carry on with my running on a regular basis with very little pain. The pain was 1/10.

I had four sessions of acupuncture and I am very happy with the results. I started training again for the 2011 London Marathon and as a result of increased mileage the pain in the toe increased slightly. I made another appointment to see Dr Marangoz and after just one session the pain had almost gone! I will continue to have this treatment as I believe in it totally. The only problems I have to worry about now are aching legs and blisters!

Many thanks for your treatment Dr Marangoz.

Posted By: Simon H.
Lordswood, Medway