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    Acupuncture is an ancient therapy for restoring balance to the body's energy system.
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    Transformative Coaching and Counselling will help to fully resolving the issues. It is very easy to resolve an issue if it is fully perceived and understood!
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    FM Clinic is a leading provider of private acupuncture services in Kent. Holistic approach involves Acupuncture, Transformative Coaching, Energy Medicine, Dietary and Lifestyle advice, etc.

How does Acupuncture Work? – See our testimonials to find out more

For several weeks I was debilitated with a low backache which was going down into my right leg. It was particularly painful at night and first thing in the morning.
I made an appointment to see my GP and met Dr Marangoz. He suggested acupuncture and to my surprise he was able to give me the first treatment there and then.
After the second session the therapeutic effect was quite powerful, I was able to enjoy a good night sleep and the morning pain was virtually gone. To consolidate the effect of acupuncture Dr Marangoz gave me advice on lifestyle and exercises to strengthen my back.
I carried on the treatment for few more sessions to ensure I did not relapse.

Dr Marangoz is a very kind and caring person, easy to talk to and passionate about his work. I welcome his approach into integrated medicine, I am sure this is what most patients would like from their GPs.
Thank you very much Dr Marangoz!

Posted By: Emma M.
I visited Dr Marangoz due to a skin condition (severe itchy rash) which I had suffered for over a year. The condition caused extreme irritation - I just wanted to "claw" at my skin.

During that year I had used various prescribed creams and lotions (some of which were extremely potent), all to no avail. Whilst using the creams (which could only be used for limited periods of time) the condition would subside, but almost immediately the application ceased the condition would return - and the cycle began all over again.
The creams suppressed the problem, but were no cure.

Dr Marangoz suggested I apply no lotions for 10 days and return for accupunture treatment.

I couldn't believe that after only one treatment the rash subsided significantly. After two treatments the itching ceased. Dr Marangoz carried out further treatments which cured the condition completely after four sessions. Not only was the condition addressed but also the underlying cause of that condition.

Dr Marangoz is easy to talk to and is such a good listener. A breath of fresh air. I can't say enough "thank-you's" to him.

Posted By: Alison B.
For over 10 years I had been suffering from knee pain that often go so bad I could barely walk. Had used strapping, medicines, deep heat nothing worked. Then I tried one session of acupuncture with Dr Marangoz for 30 minutes only. I have been pain free for months since then. It's amazing. I would recommend it to anyone.

Posted By: Cearon O.
In March 2011 I was diagnosed with sensory-neural hearing loss (deafness) in one ear after a cold. Having seen a consultant he confirmed that there was very little chance of my hearing ever returning if any and I would benefit from wearing a hearing aid. The hearing test showed total loss of hearing in the affected ear. I had an MRI scan which showed damage to the nerve endings. Accompanying the hearing loss I also suffered from a severe tinnitus.

Having met Dr Marangoz he suggested I try acupuncture, something I would never have considered. Immediately after the first session I noticed a difference, I started to hear. I have had acupuncture on a regular basis and my hearing has steadily continued to improve. The tinnitus has now practically disappeared and seems to be related to stress levels.

I have had a further hearing test and I have been told that my hearing is now virtually back to normal and I will not require a hearing aid.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending acupuncture. Without Dr Marangoz help I firmly believe I would now be wearing a hearing aid and suffering from severe tinnitus.

He is without doubt one of the best Doctors that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is kind, caring, very reassuring and extremely dedicated.

Posted By: Claire C.
Walderslade Chatham
Attended local GP following acute severe pain from shoulder to hand. Met Dr Marangoz who offered Acupuncture on the spot, following two further sessions within a week i was cured! A different approach but very effective, Dr Marangoz is very passionate and learned about this form of medicine. Highly recommend.

Posted By: Ron S.
Walderslade Village
I recently had three acupuncture sessions with Dr Marangoz for severe lower right back pain. The pain rated 6 out of 10. On completion of the treatment I was completely pain free. I found Dr Marangoz to be very caring and understanding. I would highly recommend this treatment.

Posted By: Ann O.
Walderslade Village