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  • Acupuncture
    Acupuncture is an ancient therapy for restoring balance to the body's energy system.
  • T Coaching
    Transformative Coaching and Counselling will help to fully resolving the issues. It is very easy to resolve an issue if it is fully perceived and understood!
    'T' Coaching
  • FMclinic
    FM Clinic is a leading provider of private acupuncture services in Kent. Holistic approach involves Acupuncture, Transformative Coaching, Energy Medicine, Dietary and Lifestyle advice, etc.




Transformative Coaching is a new method developed by Dr F. Marangoz. 


It has been developed and perfected after extensive and continuous research into human psyche - mind, feelings, emotions, Heart, sexual energy, etc - which is energy. That energy can be detected or registered by ourselve or by tools. For example our thoughts are registered on EEG - electroencephalogram as wave patterns.  


It places the individual central in a process aimed at total resolution of the issue(s) on energetic level in their subconscious 


How are we different? The issues are addressed from a higher perspective, Awareness/Consciousness level - the part of a person that is aware. We find the issue(s) that needs helping/healing in the subconscious as energy and help it heal. It is quite different to ordinary counseling or hypnotherapy or any other therapy. A person is aware and takes active part in the process. It is gentle and not intrusive. Imagine talking to somebody or something somewhere nice in nature with somebody here or in the nature to guide you through the process. It is that simple. 


For example: a mild to moderate severity phobia can be resolved within 10-30 minutes. So, in 10-30 the phobia that was terrifying a person is gone! Yes, it is that simple.  


During your sessions you will be immersed into a caring, supportive and transformative environment. 


The examples of issues that can be resolved are: 


Phobias, any 


Low self esteem 

Low self worth 



Obsessive tendencies, unhealthy 

Self-critical tendencies, unhealthy 

Abuse (psychological, emotional, physical)  

Anger, Rage issues 

Trauma (psychological, emotional, physical)  

Need to control, unhealthy 

Inability to have healthy, loving relationships 

Fear of rejection or abandonment 

Issues with sex and sexuality  

Self-image issues 


The above list is not extensive. Actually any issue can be healed/resolved.